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Caring for Your Ultraclave & Autoclave Sterilizer

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How to Maintain a Sterilizer

Sterilizers must be calibrated on a regular basis to ensure peak operating performance and cycle time. You must also clean your sterilizer at least once per month, but once per week is best. A poorly maintained or dirty sterilizer will not work properly and will not be able to pass a spore test.

How to Clean a Sterilizer

The machine itself must be cleaned using sterilizer cleaner. We recommend Speed Clean because it leaves your autoclave sparkling clean and smelling fresh. Sterilizer cleaner will clean inside the chamber and it will remove buildup from the inside of the pipes. Recommend draining the distilled water from the reservoir and flushing the build up if possible. When autoclave is cool remove trays and plate cover you will then see a drain filter remove and run under pressurized water, with a brush remove debris. Replace and refill with distilled water. We recommend doing this on a bi-weekly basis. 

How to Clean Your Equipment

It’s important to use the right techniques when cleaning and sterilizing your equipment. We have developed a step by step infection control method to help you maintain a clean and safe environment whether you’re working in a dental office, laboratory, tattoo shop, or any environment.

  1. Wash the equipment with soap, water, and a brush. This will remove gross debris and make your equipment appear clean.
  2. Rinse your equipment with clean cold water.
  3. Place the equipment in an ultrasonic cleaner with ultrasonic cleaning solution. This will remove the remaining particles on your instruments.
  4. Place instruments in a basin filled with distilled water to remove the water particles from the rinse. This step is important to prevent rusting your instruments
  5. Place the equipment in a sterilization bag and run the sterilization cycle. Keep the instruments in the bag until they are ready to be used.